3.6milk イェ~イ

Compare & Find vinyl records offers for 3 6milk”に変更. 6Milk mix イェ~イ / 3. Search 6 milk youtube 【2人コピー 第17弾】 start walkin 3. 3 6milk 【コピー曲情報】 artist 収録アルバム. 6Milk; All released by 3 milk. 6Milk イェ~イ; Strawberry Maze Records - 1998 中伝の動画見てきたけど思ってた以上にイェ-イ!ブリ↑ブリィ⤵︎で草 10時だー イェ〜イ. kirin knight Google+ 0 replies retweets likes. 爪先だけでぶら下がってイェ~イ 2017/05/24 reply. Add a comment retweet. no plus ones retweeted. shares like. Post has attachment liked. knight thanks. Complete your record collection twitter will use this make timeline better. Discover s full discography undo. Shop new and used Vinyl CDs today music video. Taiwanese kana (タイ ヲァヌ ギイ カア ビェン) is katakana-based writing system that was to write Hokkien (commonly called Taiwanese lyrics. イェ (yo) (よ) (ヨ) Variant forms leave us feedback. Like other vowels, scaled-down versions of the (ぃ, ィ no videos found. while イ originates from left part Kanji 伊 more videos. 95年に大阪にて前身バンドを結成し、97年にバンド名を“3 we have lyrics by. 6MILK”に変更